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Afghanistan is still in the most dangerous places in the world for women and girls. 

87% of Afghan women are illiterate, only 2% of women have access to higher education and they still face major barriers to accessing employment. This excludes them from playing a meaningful role in decision-making processes. 

Close to 90% of Afghan women and girls suffer from at least one form of abuse, including physical or psychological violence, and 70-80% face forced marriage, many before the age of 16.

Our goal is to tackle these problems and barrier ! 


By interactive dialogue with community, religious and ethnic leaders about women and human rights and enhancing the capacity of young women and girls peace-builders in community dialogues.   

Peer Mentorship

With peer mentoring program in different provinces of Afghanistan, AWWDA aim is enhance the capacity of young women  in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. With development, and social and economic empowerment courses. 

Virtual Empowerment

AWWDA provides both online and offline classes with the help of Peace-builders club members  to reach out to different communities in Afghanistan  via Zoom, Skype and Peacebuilders Club Radio. 

Peacebuilders Brunch

The Peacebuilders Club members will organize different brunches per week to discuss about their rights, plans, and different strategies for the betterment of equal Afghanistan. 

Fahima Zarbafiyan

" Women are entitled to enjoy all of their citizenship rights and live without fear.I feel responsible to contribute to their education, awareness and ensuring their rights through AWWDA.

Ahmad Raheb Radfar

"Through AWWDA I want to be part of peace process and want to empower women and girls in my community

Soman Karimi

"I have joined AWWDA to show the real power of Afghan women to the whole world