Afghan Women Welfare and Development Association

Together we build equal afghanistan

AWWDA is a national women’s human rights organization. We work at a local and on a community-level in Afghanistan.

Our mission is to work for the young Afghan women peace-builders and amplify their voices at the local, national and international levels. 

Our background is rooted in building sustainable peace with the inclusion of Afghan women and youth.

Help afghan women & Girls Through Us

Afghan For Afghan

Our program is to build and recognize women and girls as the first responders to crisis.

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The Peacebuilders Club

Our aim is to create more inclusive and peaceful Afghanistan with the inclusion of youth, women and men.

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Our main agenda is to advocate for Women, Peace and Security and Youth, Peace and Security Agendas.

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Together we can help the grassroots Afghan women who are the victims of war, disaster and gender based violence. Together with you we can help our local community by building safer and healthier environment and lasting peace. Your donation will bring small yet long lasting changes in Afghan women's lives

Monthly Donation and Annual Donation:  starting from 2,000 Afs to 10,000Afs


Become a lifeline to Afghan girls

50$ A month can pave the ways for an Afghan girl to receive quality education.

Hygiene Kit For Displaced Women

5$ Donation can improve the critical situation of Afghan displaced women & girls in refugees camps.

Emergency Food Kit for Displaced Women

120$ to 70$ can buy emergency food for women & girls displaced in Nangarhar and Laghman Provinces.

First Aid Kit for Displaced Women

20$ to 50$ can buy First Aid Kits for Afghan women and girls displaced in the refugees camps.

Leaders Thoughts About Us
"War in Afghanistan disrupted the fabric of society, compromising the foundation of its institutions. Its impact on Afghan women and girls was appalling and should not be tolerated, as it attacked their dignity and their humanity. I believe through AWWDA Afghan women and men can support, heal and fulfil the rights of Afghan women and peacebuilders and empower them to be agents of change for building peace and sustiating reconciliation in their communities and in Afghanistan,"
"Everyone is looking for good news at this overwhelmingly terrible moment in history. What better news than to find women and girls being trained and supported in war torn Afghanistan. AWWDA is a role model that should be replicated in every country where women and girls have been abused, wounded, killed, and are victims of a war they never asked for. The AWWDA empowers them to use available resources and develop new ones so they can put their hearts and minds to work for the benefit of their sisters and therefor the benefit of their country."
Cora Weiss
UN Representative of the International Peace Bureau
"AWWDA is a dynamic civil society organization that is making a positive difference on the lives of Afghan people. It raises awareness on important international laws and policies such as the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women and Peace and Security among local communities. The implementation of these laws and are critical in achieving gender equality, peace and security across the country."

Mavic Cabrera Balleza
Founder Of Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)
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